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We provide reliable and market-driven Residual Values and Residual Value Forecasts for Trucks, Trailers and Semi-trailers.

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Our valuations are based on the latest used vehicle market prices and determined with an advanced  and specific heavy commercial valuation methodology. We value trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and complete trailer-trucks.


Our valuation forecasts are assessed with a tailor-made state-of-the-art forecast methodology and with comprehensive market know-how. We consider current and future market trends and individual life cycle depreciation patterns.

We offer various ad-hoc analyses and reports with regard to used trucks and trailer markets and prices. With MBK Valuation Assessments, we forecast residual values for trucks even before the market launch.


We are an independent and neutral valuation provider.

Our product range offers solutions for OEM, Fleet & Finance, Inspection Organisations and Assessors, among others:

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Determination of the current residual value of a vehicle.

E.g. for used vehicle purchase and sale, trade-ins or as replacement value / basic value in the area of vehicle assessments / appraisals, claims management and damage calculation.


Forecast of the future residual values of an existing vehicle fleet at the desired time (e.g. in 2 years) in the required age/mileage combination (e.g. 36 months / 300,000 km). The vehicles are identified and assigned to the types from the in-house database in order to forecast them.


E.g. for risk mitigation in credit or leasing transactions.


Valuation of a vehicle fleet at current point in time. The vehicles are identified and assigned to the types of the in-house database in order to value them in line with the market.


E.g. for the periodic valuation of the vehicle fleet for tax and business transparency.


Residual value assessment of a vehicle that is yet to be launched on the market. MBK VALUATION ASSESSMENTS are based on a comprehensive analysis of the product, the competition and the current and future market.


E.g. to be able to calculate leasing rates at the time of market launch, to form provisions and to initiate measures to support residual values at an early stage.


Forecast of the future residual value for a vehicle that has already been launched on the market at the desired time (e.g. in 2 years) in the required age/mileage combination (e.g. 36 months / 300,000 km).

E.g. for estimating the residual value performance compared to the competition or for decisions regarding leasing, rental or pay-per-use models.


Regular reports or dashboards according to customer requirements, e.g. regarding residual value trends at brand, segment or type level.


E.g. to constantly track trends and developments in the market and to be able to make the right marketing decisions in time.



Our aspiration is to provide accurate, market-driven valuations. Therefore, we use a wealth of market data in our valuation approach and prefer to rely on hard facts rather than opinion. The MBKvaluation process:

1. Market Observation

We continuously monitor the European used market for heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers and register relevant vehicle and price data.

2. Data Matching

Our matching expertise allows us to accurately link this market data with our

in-house vehicle database to correctly identify almost every vehicle on the market.

3. Valuation

Our specific, advanced and proven valuation methodology can handle the high variety and often small volumes of heavy commercial vehicles. We use statistical methods to calculate  market-typical prices for each vehicle, at any age and with any mileage.

4. Quality Check

The output is constantly monitored for quality. Any inaccuracies found are corrected by editorial intervention. The valuation methodology is continuously optimised on the basis of the findings obtained from this process.

Our regular and automated Quality Checks and Valuation Approach follow a scientific and data-driven process:

Price-Age Check

We continuously and automatically compare  market observations (blue dots in picture) with valuations we have determined (orange dots) in terms of price and vehicle age. There is a corresponding valuation for each market observation.

Price-Mileage Check

The same analyses and comparisons between market observations and determined valuations are made in terms of price and vehicle mileage.

Deviation Analysis

We measure the deviations between the valuations we determine and the market observations at various aggregation levels. Histograms and statistical coefficients of determination show us the frequency and magnitude of the deviations and are therefore an indicator of the accuracy of our valuations.

Valuation Publishing

Based on quality checks, statistical parameters and our market know-how, we produce optimal, three-dimensional depreciation surfaces that show minimal deviations from the market observations. This allows us to determine and publish market-driven residual values for any age/mileage combination of a vehicle.

We are MBKvaluations.


Daniele Bufano

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Research & Development


Daniele Bufano has been working in the residual value industry for about 20 years without exception. He was responsible for method and product development at leading international residual value providers. Daniele brings to MBKvaluations all his experience and innovation in valuation, forecasting and data processes.


Bodo Klein

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Editorial & Truck Expert


Bodo Klein has been dealing with vehicle data for over 16 years and is a proven expert on commercial vehicles and their technical details. He was also responsible for commercial vehicle valuations at an international residual value provider. Bodo is responsible for the editorial department at MBKvaluations.


Patrick Mayerhörmann

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Sales & Consulting


Patrick Mayerhörmann has been in charge of determining residual values for more than 10 years and was responsible for vehicle valuations at well-known international residual value providers. He also worked as a consultant for several years. At MBKvaluations, Patrick is responsible for sales and consulting services.

Real valuation experts at work.

The management at MBKvaluations brings approx. 50 years of experience in the Automotive, Commercial Vehicle and Valuation industry.



Phone: +49 711 550 206 26

Mobile: +49 176 64 000 318

Württembergstr. 64

73733 Esslingen am Neckar


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